Custom made wedding ring from Maidstone Jewelry

The story of this ring
begins in 1979 when a steel screw was used to make a wooden picnic table. The table was purchased and sat on a deck for 28 years exposed to all kinds of weather. Over the years the wood rotted and was finally used as firewood to heat the house. Out of the ashes of the fire we retrieved a charred and rusted old screw. It was forged to shape it in a circle and filed on the inside to obtain a smooth surface. It was then covered in 18k gold solder









Maidstone Jewelry is about the beauty of the beach stones, that are at the core of our collection. We find our stones on the beaches of East Hampton. They inspire us and lead to new ideas. Between the land and the ocean there is a constant dance. It takes thousands of years for nature to patiently craft every stone at our feet.  With wonder and respect we work to highlight and display the qualities of the stones we choose.

David Posnett has been studying jewelry, gold and silver smithing at The 92nd Street Y in New York with Honey Jeanne Laber, Klaus Buergel and Jonathan Wahl since 2001. He is a member of the East End Arts Council and the South Fork Craftsmen's Guild.